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“Expressive Voting and its Cost: Evidence from Runoffs with Two or Three Candidates” (with Vincent Pons), Econometrica 86, no. 5 (September 2018). 

The Large Effects of a Small Win: How Past Rankings Shape the Behavior of Voters and Candidates” (with Riako Granzier and Vincent Pons), Forthcoming, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.

Working papers

"Better Alone? Evidence on the Costs of Intermunicipal Cooperation”, CEPR Discussion Paper No. 15999, June 2023, revise and resubmit American E
conomic Journal: Applied Economics.
Winner, 2021 CESifo Distinguished Research Affiliate Award; Winner, 2021 Wicksell Prize, European Public Choice Society; Honorable Mention, 2019 UEA Conference

Gender and Electoral Incentives: Evidence from Crisis Response” (with Juan Pablo Chauvin), UCLA Ziman Center Working Paper, February 2023

The Impact of Campaign Finance Rules on Candidate Selection and Electoral Outcomes: Evidence from France” (with Nikolaj Broberg and Vincent Pons), NBER Working Paper Series, No. 29805, February 2022.

Policy reports

"Better Alone? Evidence on the Costs of Intermunicipal Cooperation", IPP Policy Brief, Nº66, Institut des Politiques Publiques, May 2021. (French version).
"Expressive Voting and Its Costs" (with Vincent Pons and Vestal McIntyre), IPP Policy Brief, Nº40, Institut des Politiques Publiques, May 2019. (French version).
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